Staff of Karsus

  • The Staff acts like a ring of protection +3.
  • It can cast, at will, once per round at no cost : Continual Light, Feather Fall.
  • It has 30 charges. It can be recharged at a rate of one charge/2 hours only if exposed to direct moon light.
  • The staff can sustain 75 hp before risking of breaking (normal saving throws after the 75 hp are exhausted).
  • The staff has a +7 bonus to its saving throws.
  • When a wizard casts a spell while holding the staff, the spell duration is doubled.
  • Any spell cast when holding the staff adds +2 to each die of damage.
  • The wielder can maintain any spell that requires concentration for one round after concentration is lost.
  • The Staff of Karsus has these additional powers, gained after the wizard has earned enough experience points using it :

- 20,000 xp, for 1 charge cost : Darkness 15’ radius, Hold Portal, Detect Magic, Protection from Evil/Good.
- 40,000 xp, for 2 charges cost : Fireball (8d6), Lightning Bolt (8d6), Cone of Cold (8d4).
- 60,000 xp, for 3 charges cost : Feeblemind, Passwall, Conjure a 16HD Elemental (1 type per day).
- 100,000 xp, for 4 charges cost (CON check required. If failed, the wizard is exhausted for 2d6 rounds : -2 to all rolls and half movement rate) : Globe of Invulnerability, Project Image.

XP value : 20,000
GP value : 125,000


Staff of Karsus

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