Mud Ring


This magical ring appears to be made of dark-red clay. Its wearer may cast several potent earth- and water-based spells.
Priests spells (14th level of ability): meld into stone and water breathing (three times per day); stone shape (twice per day); earthquake (once per month, after which the ring’s powers go dormant for two days).
Wizard spells (12th level of ability): transmute rock to mud or reverse (twice per week); transmute water to dust or reverse (once per week); conjure elemental (earth or water, 8 HD, once per week); airy water (once per day).

No more than five functions may be used in a single day. While wearing the ring, all saves involving earth or water are made at +1, and attacks by beings from the planes of elemental Earth or Water are made at -1, with damage at -1 on the die.

However, the ring bears some danger. Saving throws vs. all air (including poison gases and breath weapons) and fire attacks are made at -1, and damage is always at +1 on the die.

Mages, priests, and rogues may use the ring. An individual donning the ring will be made aware of its powers telepathically.


Anello trovato nell’avventura “The Mud Sorcerer’s Tomb”, Dungeon #37.

Mud Ring

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